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About-AwningsAwnings provide sturdy, affordable protection for homes, patios, decks, sidewalks and businesses, offering a much-needed barrier to limit exposure to sun, wind and rain. Awnings come in a variety of fabrics, colors, frame styles and frame materials, which allows for adaptability to suit almost any awning need, regardless of the building structure.

Awnings are an excellent weather control method that can lower energy use and utility bills, making them popular both as an eco-friendly exterior décor option and a money-saving home improvement. Awnings can be extended during hot summer months to lower the temperature of patio areas and block sunlight from entering through windows, then retracted to allow natural sunlight into homes to provide light and heat in colder, darker winter months. Exterior shading provided by awnings blocks the heat before it enters the glass, which makes awnings superior to interior window shades and treatments when used for this purpose.

While there are many types of awnings used today, most awnings can be placed in one of two categories - manually-operated or motorized - based solely on the method of retraction. Both categories are viable options for most scenarios, and each provides its own set of benefits to home or business owners.

It is believed that ancient Egyptians and Syrians were the first people to use awnings to shade homes and stalls in public markets for protection from sun, rain and wind. Centuries later, awnings became popular in North America during the 1800s where their tightly woven cotton canvas provided protection for sidewalks and doorways, and ornate designs added aesthetic appeal to businesses and homes.